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Announcing the Ultra Tonic Pickup


At last, a pickup that offers the richness of a sound board transducer, with the feedback immunity of an under saddle transducer. With patent pending feedback suppression technology, James May Engineering is proud to offer a unique solution for guitarist who care about their sound and need to play at elevated levels.

So how does it sound? It’s similar to the most popular sound board transducer, the K&K Pure Mini, a great sounding pickup. But the Ultra Tonic goes further: it cleans up the low end mud and boom and as a result sounds a bit clearer and crisper on top as well. It has a lot more feedback immunity – typically at least 10dB more at the fundamental chamber resonance of 100-110Hz.

The pickup and included circuit board are totally passive. Yet, it has a low output impedance and a high output level so you can plug into just about anything with an input impedance of 100Kohms or greater. 1Mohm is recommended (more is okay).

By itself it is highly impressive, offering a much richer sound than any under-saddle transducer can give. When paired with ToneDexter, it will knock your socks off!

If you aren’t yet familiar with ToneDexter, you might want to check it out.


NOTE: The Ultra Tonic Pickup works with steel string guitars with bridge plates, as well as nylon string guitars with and without bridge plates.